Tall Ships Drogheda Midsummer 2015

Tall Ships Drogheda 2015
Tall Ships Drogheda 2015




Drogheda on Midsummer 2015


Like sentinels

They stood

On rigged sail´s ropes

Watchful from above

While swarms of

White smoke flew by

And dissipated before

The blue canvas


We looked up

As to bird´s nests in clouds

Waiting for them to fly

Longing to be swapped

To their watch posts

A bird´s eye view

It would diminish the tiny

Burdens of yearning flocks


The expanse

Awes our humble souls

Unites us to hold

On to each other

On wavy decks

On board

Our vessel of life

A pledge


21st of June 2015

©By Andrea Connolly

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