Tall Ships Drogheda Midsummer 2015

. . SAILORS AT PORT Drogheda on Midsummer 2015   Like sentinels They stood On rigged sail´s ropes Watchful from above While swarms of White smoke flew by And dissipated before The blue canvas  . We looked up As to bird´s nests in clouds Waiting for them to fly Longing to be swapped To their … More Tall Ships Drogheda Midsummer 2015

Pearl Rose

Pearl Rose By rose´s golden fragrance of dew Petals in powdery breaths Whisper to each other: Bloom late! Coiled in spirals, the rope Tied in a sailor´s knot around The cross, the stalk, centred Sails folded on towed vessels By fishermen, rigged at dawn A beautiful day at the ocean Iridescence, washed opal Turtle shells, … More Pearl Rose