what you see is what you reach, yet you only reach out at what you see

Wording Borderswhat you see is what you reach, yet you only reach out at what you see

Count the words that are related to erecting borders and you will find a multiplying net that fans out all over the planet. Alas, the map of minds is never to be printed yet there are manifold atlases showing countries, regions, continents by their borders.

The village or town where you grew up was your first realm. You walked in it. Boundary stones marked town lands and some are still weathering the storms. The land your house was on came through the generations. Or if your ancestors had no land you had to pay the landlord.

Accommodation refers to a certain place that belongs to somebody. The places’ boundaries kept by plans, contracts, paperwork.

If you are a mind person like me, you climb fences that are only existing in someone´s imagination. You leave your house lying in bed, picture the fields, the forest, the graveyard, the church, the people living and working, buried and remembered there.

You are born into a family of language. It is not your own choice, yet you grow up with it. Thus you inherit borders made by languages if you are not learning different ones. See, in your mind you can strife to go beyond these barriers if you look at it from a wider perspective or from someone else´s viewpoint.

Since mankind made the first step into outer space we can see pictures of our blue planet. It brings our fantasy light-years away from earth borders only to be restricted by seeing our relatively ring-fenced position in the galaxy.

A galaxy of words you could find assisting boundaries seen and unseen. The greatest of all is language that forms into words to divide us all in nations, types, sexes, tribes, dynasties, religions, convictions, characters. To un-word those separating utterances would be like rewinding timeline of humanity.

Awareness of possible pathways, gateways and byways ever and anon gaps the divide, nevertheless.

By Andrea Roeder

16th June 2013

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