Net of hope

Varved organ shellsVeiled hues of sand creamCrying aqua ultramarine Bamboo wooding grassStrong wind bentEvery compass direction Veined hands knot on stakeA net of wool white cottonAgainst eclipsed darks My catchInvisibleHope © #AndreaCConnolly19.2.2021

Expanse – by Andrea Connolly – 13. March 2020

(Expanse)   Quicksand quivers Planetary   Grounded endeavours Stationary   Oceans deserted Sky high   Plagued by growing Greyness   The other side Beckons   Shield my light Thoughts unite   Little words of love Spread wide   © #AndreaCConnolly #photography by #AndreaCConnolly by 13.3.2020   #lockdown


    Origin   Rudder northwest Release the kraken Brave gale forces   Starboard rune On nocturnal canvas Explorer’s lure   Rune and rudder Inked in seedling heart River to the sea   © #AndreaCConnolly 27.2.2020 #haiku #botaiku #mpy  


Tortoise shell Heart enfolded in yours Scallops, pelican-foot-shells As I inhabit this space Inside a pike   30.8.2019 ©By Andrea Connolly