Phone Shop

Phone Shop   She clicks a tiny screen A shellac woodpecker on iridized glass Her eyes indifferent, the moves determined How can we bother her? She has no choice We have since we know what we want Café latte in a wide bow, not tipped, clipped A step dance over distant webs, marginalized I want … More Phone Shop


Beach Strollers Lecanvey Pier&Beach, Co. Mayo You Driftwoodhunter I Beachcomber You Seashellbuttonseeker I Shardcollector You Romanglassspotter I Seaformedsandstonegazer You Seaweedbanistercrosser I Seasprayinhaler We, the Seasidewalkers 1st /2nd of June 2014 Copyright ©By Andrea Connolly

Marigold Columbine

Summer Day You walk in a shirt Yet with a waterproof Jacket or umbrella You talk about Every beam of sun To keep up your spirit Unnavigable the rain Will fall softly or lashing On your roof and head You hear the grass growing Smell the hay and the clay Of watered bedding plants The … More Marigold Columbine