Five Photos, Five Days Challenge: Day Five

compass and lighthouse

Hoisting the Sails

From all the adventures of my youth I only seem to miss the sailing trips in Holland. To be under canvas to one of those sandy shored islands was brilliant, a respite from everyday trials and oppressions. The images of ships and boats came with me, forming my growing, my dreams and my falls. When I was downtrodden I pictured myself as boat floating away to new enterprises. My love for the sea endures, it is never far away from where I live nowadays. The ocean, deep and wide, my true love at my side, that´s all that matters – ahoy! – Andrea Connolly, 16th June 2015


2 thoughts on “Five Photos, Five Days Challenge: Day Five

  1. What a great sequence of pics! Thank you for sharing these and your thoughts with us. I’m trapped in a landlocked state, but I remember standing on the Washington State shoreline looking out at the expanse of the Pacific and thinking about the power and majesty embodied in the waters.

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