Seven years, seven months

Seven years

Have come & gone

But this

Next to none

Years of heartache

Deceit & loss

Went by

Human life

Strifes to own

All is blown

Hearts webbed

In infant glare

Here and everywhere

Be aware

They are still

Close to your pulse

Loved ones

Of all aeons

© #AndreaCConnolly


20 thoughts on “Seven years, seven months

  1. I hope you haven’t lost someone, Andrea. This is heartfelt.

    Spoilt, I have to say, by the crass advertising WP has stuck before the last line of the poem. You won’t see it unless you go out of WP and back in like an outside reader. I hate it when they do that.

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    1. O Jane, I only see that now. Had to have a silent time. My Godmother /aunt died. It affected me deeply. Time went by differently. There were clouds of words and feelings stuck. Hope you are well! Andrea


    2. In a way, I think my godmother was thankful she didn’t have all the hordes of commiserating friends and relatives she would normally have had. Nothing can console, especially not other people’s tears.


    1. I received the proof copy today and signed it off. The colours in the cover aren’t exactly what I wanted but they never do correspond to the original so I’m letting it go. I hope the print copy will be available on the 27th with the Kindle version.

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