Easter at Home

Easter at home In prime so highThe sea of treesCriss-crossed searchOf unseen vistasA doe path hidden Found in mudflatsYearning unknownOf the expanseQuest for wide openSpaces of mirrored skies The soul of a sea shellDrawn to ancestral ocean © #AndreaCConnolly2.4.2021 Good Friday


SOMEDAY Somewhere in Co. Kilkenny, Townland of Rathpatrick, A grassy ivy lane along a clearwater ditch Someday I will see him again… A wish? A prophecy? A conviction of knowing? When I´m gone Home a final time Rocking splashing leaping Towards the fort The ring reveals Life is a bond Circular, vernacular, molecular Never still … More Someday

Visibly Under Canvas

A Logbook to Poetry By Andrea Connolly on Amazon Kindle #BOOFBDFTLG http://www.amazon.co.uk/VISIBLY-UNDER-CANVAS-Logbook-Poetry-ebook/dp/B00FBDFTLG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389009266&sr=8-1&keywords=visibly+under+canvas @andreacconnolly #gotlisted Global AUTHORS DATABASE #1AdB Pls RT http://bit.ly/Iue4N6   Wintertide Low winter sun Retina stinging nettle Blinds down driving Squinting at moves Meandering getaways Merging inner landscapes Brain watch beached berth Breathe upon the shield A whiff puffs damp soil On chimneys … More Visibly Under Canvas