Making Waves – Writing My First Novel ©By Andrea Connolly Making Waves: Writing My First Novel by Andrea Connolly Article by Andrea Connolly ©. Posted in the Magazine (Tell Your Own Story: Writing & Me, Tell Your Own Story). Make Your Submission to Writing & Me To write was always an act of life for me. A conscious move towards the world of the … More Making Waves – Writing My First Novel ©By Andrea Connolly

What we wait for

Demands out of Season We wait and cannot Wait longer Is this a state Of disbelief It’s sucking our soul In maelstroms Flashing images our Daily banquet Put the pressure on Who wants to be free From desire The twist in hearts To belong Can’t wait Take it now Devour The human soul Moans in … More What we wait for


Soul Quest The wave´s soul quests To be, to tip upwards Towards the crest Of reflection An inverted illumination Defying the dark And yet Before the cave called night There is a rainbow spectre We live of yearning In silence We blossom 3rd / 10th November 2014 ©By Andrea Connolly

The Eight

  The Eight   A foretaste of Bitter sage Lancelot plantain Sweet root & hollyhock Thyme preserved A covenant unspoken Unseen primrose, summer forgone Stinging nettle, seed of fennel, anise Plucked unplanted Felt sensation, encapsulated Bequest of forefathers Never besmirched, dubbed forgiven A miss a hit a fold a step a stumble Never conspicuous, bare … More The Eight