Recycling old paintings….

My Life as an Artist (2)

Here is another example of recycling an old painting by simply painting over the top of it.

Completed image – Kent landscape


One way of recycling an old painting that didn’t work is to paint over it, using the old painting as a ground for the new.

I took this watercolour/gouache sketch of a lily and turned it upside down to use as my ground.


I start by using Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache – permanent white to block out the background and to form a base for the sky.


Slowly I add more colour to the mix, and although the old painting has been dry for a long time, I am still picking up some of the colour from it.


After indicating the foreground…..(note that some of the colours in the sky are reflecting onto the land), I strengthen the contrasts around the painting.

It is always important to…

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