Making Waves – Writing My First Novel ©By Andrea Connolly

Tonight it will be launched!

Captain´s Log

My novel

Making Waves: Writing My First Novel by Andrea Connolly


Article by Andrea Connolly ©.
Posted in the Magazine (Tell Your Own Story: Writing & Me, Tell Your Own Story).

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To write was always an act of life for me. A conscious move towards the world of the written word. An expression of my soul. An inside world to be rediscovered in the world outside. Books were my companions and they were gifts more treasured than gems. First there were diary entries, then handwritten snippets of thoughts, poems in germination. Then I discovered other languages, English writers and writing of poetry, fiction, plays, articles, historical essays. My studies lead me to a teaching of those. My life, which was not following the straight path was opened up by trips to the sea, sailing…

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