Somewhere in Co. Kilkenny,
Townland of Rathpatrick,
A grassy ivy lane along a clearwater ditch

I will see him again…
A wish?
A prophecy?
A conviction of knowing?

When I´m gone
Home a final time
Rocking splashing leaping
Towards the fort
The ring reveals

Life is a bond
Circular, vernacular, molecular
Never still while on the move
Ever still yet moving
On a pulse
On a trickle

A flurry
Of snow flamed crimson
Scarlet runes
On a written wool flutter
Oared by inklings

22nd of March 2014
©by Andrea Connolly

2 thoughts on “Someday

  1. “Someday ” is a poem of wonder and indeterminacy. The emotions it expresses are real,, maybe concrete, yet only for the briefest of moments; they appear in an ever-changing flux. Andrea is an artist who knows how to express emotions visually, but while the finished work might be mute its creation has taken many small or not so small twirls of the brush. She is able to capture that kinetic force in her poetry. A painting contains so much potentiality; its inactivity is a tromp l’oeil. This is true of poetry as well.

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    1. SOMEDAY is dedicated to Katie Connolly, widow of Frank Connolly, my husband`s youngest brother, out in New York.
      Nevertheless, I could not halt my thoughts from feeling my late Dad, an artist of words and speech.
      My gratitude for seeing the artist in me, inherited by bloodline.A


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