Captain Of My Soul, aye!

Captain Of My Soul

This is the light

Dancing in your eyes

The fog outside

Can never reach wide

Where it springs

Certain rings

A token of grace

A heavenly glaze

The light is there

In front inside

Just to remind

´Ere you go blind

The winters gone

Hurts of bone

In another realm

Since I took the helm

On the barque

Through the arch

Of your fond eyes

This is the light

Captain of my Soul by Andrea Connolly

13th March 2014

Captain of my Soul by Andrea Connolly

©By Andrea Connolly

2 thoughts on “Captain Of My Soul, aye!

  1. Captain of My Soul Aye! is a love poem built on contrasts between clarity and nebulousness, light and dark, sight and blindness. Its beauty is enhanced by inner assonance. When read alongside Andrea’s Turner-esque painting we realise how far from being a simple poem of gaudy exhilaration, it is instead a collective of the most radiant chiaroscuro…


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