Sacral Heritage Exhibition Opening 14th of June 2017 – ILLUMINATION: Harry Clarke Stained Glass of Cavan Cathedral by Andrea Connolly

Sacral Heritage Exhibition Opening 14th of June 2017, 7.30pm, Teachers Centre Cavan Town :
ILLUMINATION – HARRY CLARKE STAINED GLASS IN WATERCOLOUR AND INK ON PAPER – BY ANDREA CONNOLLY … More Sacral Heritage Exhibition Opening 14th of June 2017 – ILLUMINATION: Harry Clarke Stained Glass of Cavan Cathedral by Andrea Connolly

The Water Castle

. The Water Castle Lough Oughter Boat Trip on Culture Night 2016   Via sheep gate & forest path Along South Western shore Life vested we board the boat On a mild September eve   Exhilaration captures bodied mind The steadfast realm left behind For balance on the calm lake The vessel arrows towards the … More The Water Castle

Rose Garden

All the petals gone Only by double take Thorns speaking Of a gentle life Sunrise tinged Sunset On the storm Swept away . 13.September 2016 By Andrea Connolly


Pink polka dots Speckled faces sunbathing, rolling eyes on The bay window . . . 25th of July 2015 ©By Andrea Connolly


Kelter Winepress Ripened sweetness Filled with sun Plucked by hand Caressed in casks Ferment of generations Wild growth cultivated For noble drops Of dinner pleasure Yet, nothing is raised to the table That was not downtrodden Darkened encased In a sulphur cellar   For a trifle Flavouring for life   10th October 2014 ©By Andrea … More PRESSED

Summer Sun

Luck of the Irish Here is the sun Over an Irish sky Traces of planes Chimes of clouds Cushioned over roofs Hilltops, tree ridges Surprise! Surprise! Immaculate blue From pure above A gift of June Before midsummer Sunglasses out We accept the gift For once, godsent Not questioning Our luck Nor the forecast 17th June … More Summer Sun


Beach Strollers Lecanvey Pier&Beach, Co. Mayo You Driftwoodhunter I Beachcomber You Seashellbuttonseeker I Shardcollector You Romanglassspotter I Seaformedsandstonegazer You Seaweedbanistercrosser I Seasprayinhaler We, the Seasidewalkers 1st /2nd of June 2014 Copyright ©By Andrea Connolly

Marigold Columbine

Summer Day You walk in a shirt Yet with a waterproof Jacket or umbrella You talk about Every beam of sun To keep up your spirit Unnavigable the rain Will fall softly or lashing On your roof and head You hear the grass growing Smell the hay and the clay Of watered bedding plants The … More Marigold Columbine


Croco-Daffodil March When I spied the mist between the back garden trees beyond the fence this early morn I knew it. The frothing texture of promise. The well-worn veils of skies were about to be pierced. The fencing rays of March. Heralded by daffo-primrose-dils. Brazen soldiers of spring. Oblivious of bloodshed. Of the world in … More March