Marigold Columbine

Amber Lavender

Summer Day

You walk in a shirt
Yet with a waterproof
Jacket or umbrella

You talk about
Every beam of sun
To keep up your spirit

Unnavigable the rain
Will fall softly or lashing
On your roof and head

You hear the grass growing
Smell the hay and the clay
Of watered bedding plants

The fuchsia moves out
The drop of buds overhanging
In the back of your garden

Whitethorn bends high
Crossing fences and bars
Of alleys with its confetti

There stands still a crow
Tilts his head and retreats
Under the shade of a tree

Before it arrives from above
The old rain again, before June
High hopes for another summer

20th of May 2014
©By Andrea Connolly

One thought on “Marigold Columbine

  1. This poem is deceptive in its apparent simplicity. There are the age old contrasts between stillness and movement, light and shade, high and low, and yet each contrast is a burning fire of hues vying for attention and association with words and sentiments. At times the list of flowers appears like a cascade of petals each of of which is iridescent as it moves down in a cascade.


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