Ship Lore

Beleek Castle, Armada Bar
Ballina, Co. Mayo

The great cabin in a castle
Of medieval origins clad romanticizing
One step through the looking glass
Ere imagination visualizes ship´s innards of old
The Armada evoked by their commodore´s figurehead
The captain´s mess reshaped by dint of overhanging windows

Lo and behold! Glamour of lost times
Sepulchre glory on display
Telling of ancient sea ventures
Upon arduous Irish soil
Dreams of a naval officer been master of the manor

Yonder castle rocks that boat no more
´Tis grounded on wooded terrain
Hidden from strollers
Betwixt majestic trees alongshore an estuary
For timeworn tall ship´s timber
That flowing is lost forevermore

28th for 22nd of April 2014
©By Andrea Connolly

tall ship


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