All Hallows Eve

In remembrance of my childhood

in Harthausen, Schoenbrueckstrasse 31, Germany


31 sea turtles

Schoenbrueckstrasse 31

Turtles off Australian coasts

The street of the nice bridge

My childhood pet Kuehlwalda

A tiny green striped sea turtle

With red cheeks in an oval

Water basin with Palm Island

Emerging from memory

In yonder street, number 31

Where all the poems were born

By torch lit reading nights

Sea turtles swimming aloft

In another writing endeavour

Their reference penned on paper

In a collection, number 31

Thus another circle touches

In the year of two thousand 13

When the world spun to 11

Drumglen Drive, two together

Sea turtles remembered, written

As nice bridge across sea, 31 in 13

All Hallows Eve 2013

By Andrea Connolly

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