A Tiding of Magpies

A Pride of Lions or a Parliament of Owls or a Hover of Trout

A drove of donkeys
Out on the road
Heading unknown tarmac

This way and that
Strange new world of steel
Hunted and herded home

An unkindness of ravens
Nearby scattered on strings
Bushes and rooftops

A clutter of cats
Leap over unhindered
At the traffic freeze fringe

Suddenly a herd of deer
Crosses my mind
On a home place memory

As an army of ants
Manifold thoughts
Wander forth and back

On the roadside meadows
A flock of sheep overhead
A murder of crows, lurking

Until I overcame once more
A siege of herons forfeited
A lamentation of swans

All in a blink, a leap
An ambush of leopards
And I am home again where

A bevy of quails
Enjoy their mash
Parading the pen

Alas, a bouquet of pheasants
Squashed in a cage
On last Sunday’s sale

Better avoid for God’s sake
The richness of martens or
The skulk of foxes for

A worm of robins
Making their morn appearance
On left over porridge

And the hive of bees
Making no swarm at all
For they winter in peace

As the turn of turtles
And the mob of kangaroos
On the secret voyage

10th December
©By Andrea Connolly

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