(October 2020) By Andrea Connolly

Where does it come from
This hunger
Of moving wide and far
This thirst
To see beyond horizons

Where does it lead to
This yearning
For the unseen
This incentive scent
Of earthy seas

Where do we find
This space
Of infinite belonging
This home in heart
Souls intertwined
Treescapes cloudswifts

Where is it
to be found

© #AndreaCConnolly

All photos © #AndreaCConnolly

One thought on “Where

  1. Those of us who care to question must ask where the yearning for truth comes from. For many, there is no such restlessness, only quasi-somnolent acceptance and resignation. The3 question is without a definite answer, we are told, and if so, are we not exhausting ourselves vainly and, worse still, tediously7. Perhaps the search does not have a definite end, but is it less worthwhile as a result? My we not see thi8ngs and observe others along the dimly understood way?

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