Heaven Knows



On high

And far

A sea breeze


Trodden the path

For centuries

Feet walked this ridge

Wrong or right

Faith in earth and sky


Blue Spirit I implore

Where will I lay my head

When all is fulfilled

Worldly slings cast off

All my love transformed into the heart

Of all hearts

Where my beloved breathes



Green and blue roots intertwine

Two smiles

Two hands clasped

One heart

Beating on the hill of eternity

Firmly planted feet


Wings of blue soar the clouds

Time stands still

For love never ends


23rd of July 2019

©By Andrea Connolly

3 thoughts on “Heaven Knows

    1. It’s Loughcrew close to Oldcastle, Co. Meath Ireland. A Cairn, a passage is leading in at the far side ending in a cross shaped chamber. It is gated but you can borrow a key. It has several smaller satellite cairns.


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