A Journey


As the breeze echoes the silence
First Painting in a series of 13 watercolour and ink illuminations by artist Amna Kiran, Calligraphy in Arabic and Urdu language




For  Amna Kiran at the Opening of her Exhibition “Self-Reflection”

On 8th of April 2016, Solas Gallery Ballinamore


The eyes see illuminated manuscripts

The artist reflects on her own story

Her skills born in the East

Grown from ancestral strands in Lahore

Birds took you West of Pakistan

On wings of hope, with words of poetry

Transitioned into green lands of Ireland

A journey from the vision to the word

You travelled soil and ocean shores

Till you took roots for family & friends

A fabric of belonging & belief

Your pilgrimage in watercolour & ink

Unfolds your life before our eyes

Takes us on your heart´s journey

As fellow travellers

“My heart, my fellow traveller ” – Faiz Ahmad Faiz 1911-1984


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