Five Photos, Five Days Challenge: Day One

Sunset in Sligo

The Lure of the Sea


There was this yearning deep inside as I grew up in the French tinted part of Germany, south west, in the valley of the Rhine. My eyes would follow the river barges with longing imagining all the way to where they reached the sea. We had beautiful forests and mountains, where I had to catch my breath ever so often, feeling enclosed. Yet there I waited for something to freshen my senses.

I will never forget my first adventure to the Dutch Sea with a youth group. We boarded a historical schooner and set sail for the islands. The moment we left the harbour, beyond those broad walls I suddenly felt as free as a sea gull. I could breathe the horizon, an elation divine. I was in my element!  – Andrea Connolly, 12th June 2015

I nominate Julie Holmes to take up the challenge: Julie Holmes, author

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