The Art of Coughing

To be brave: Mother and Child – A Life With A Special Needs Child, by Ali Isaac



It was a rough night. It’s hard caring for another sick person when you aren’t feeling so great yourself. Carys has a cold. That’s all it is, just a cold. But even the common cold can be dangerous to someone with little or no immunity.

I hate to say it, but when I was finally able to put Carys to bed last night, it was with a guilty sense of relief. She had been hard work all day; the poor little thing was so congested, she had had trouble eating, refused to drink, and I had the stress of trying to get all her routine meds into her, along with paracetemol and cough medicine. She cried a lot. She wanted to be held, yet pushed me away.

The coughing is always worse at night. Some of Carys’s reflexes are not very well developed; orally, she can’t suck or chew, and…

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