The Fairy Child

Beyond competition – a story of hope…


magic flower on water

I got long-listed for the third and final time by Fish… I’m not doing it again. Here is my story.

They say that the fairy folk, the Sidhe, are wont to steal a human child, should they wish it, and replace it with one of their own. I wouldn’t put it past them. When my daughter looks at me with those mesmerizing eyes, so very pale blue and clear as water, I know that she is staring right through me into the shady realm of her origin, a world beyond my comprehension. Her eyes are like a mirror; they reveal little, only reflecting back at me someone who, at times, I would rather not see.

She cannot be explained by the rationale of science and medicine. She is locked in a world without language, without movement, and I know that what goes on behind those eyes is as alien to…

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