One Day – Watercolour by Andrea Connolly

One Day - Watercolour by Andrea Connolly

One Day

One day I swim like a dolphin
Diving aquadynamic sliding the water

One day I swim with butterfly wings
That withstand in liquid medium

One day I swim like a swan
Graceful, gliding on tranquil surfaces

One day I swim as a water lily leaf
On my back bobbing along, patient

One day I will
Evolve my swimming

Until then I resume
Dog paddling, frog legging

My eyes above the water till
One day…

30th of April 2014
Copyright ©By Andrea Connolly

2 thoughts on “One Day – Watercolour by Andrea Connolly

  1. Beautiful and fluid piece, like water lapping against the side of a boat! The dog-paddle & frog-leg imagery contrasts the graceful swan really well and makes for a very vivid and well-balanced composition. The poem and watercolour compliment each other perfectly.


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