“By the angels’ alleluia
It rings out far and wide”

“It’s as if angels are singing a
gain of peace and joy”
“Sing choirs of angels
sing in exaltation” 

“Host of angels from on high
Sing rejoicing in the sky”…


“O you merry, o you blessed
Merciful Christmas tide!”
Hallows and sounds the
Memory spaces of my mind

In the bake scented air
Candles flicker on wreaths
A bell rings to summon
Around the gleaming tree
Baubles of porcelain and glass,
Ornaments, tinsel, straw stars

The eve of Christmas unfolds
the gifts as its magic foretold

We harbour the manger mood
Embed read nativity by Luke
Perchance a rhyme, a stanza
My fingers fly extravaganza
Carol singing conjuring a halo
At the star speckled piano
Solemn songs old choices
A spectre of rainbow voices

Christmastide bygone
Nestled in my soul
Presents in voices once more
Yonder night’s wonder galore

Christmas Carol Poem 2013
©By Andrea Connolly

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