Connemara in October

Clifden Roads

Beach Road, Slip Road, Sky Road

Looking at the ocean

Water so clear, appearing green

Horses and a dog in training

For shepherding sheep

A Heart of Jesus shrine

Looking at a couple, walking

From different angles to the edge

Of their lawn, cutting grass

Each with their own lawnmower

Twelve Pins in clear light

As backdrop to two church spires

14th October 2013

By Andrea Connolly

Lower Sky Road

After Roundstone´s Dog´s Bay

Old white fine sand blown quer

In misty formations

Alcock and Brown transatlantic

Flight plane monument view,

Ballyconneelly bay donkeys:

Baby donkey and mother, I stroked

Snout, forehead and ears of mum,

You snout and ears of baby

Mannin Bay shells in seaweed

Bog road over peninsula, at pier

Turf fire in Cleggan´s Oliver´s Bar

15th October 2013

By Andrea Connolly

Invite – #Book #Launch Visibly Under Canvas

by Andrea Connolly in Chapter 1, #Cavan on Nov 2nd @ 7pm.

#Author  #Reading & #Poetry #SLAM (

3 thoughts on “Connemara in October

  1. There’s a wonderful poet called Anna Warrington that I think you’d greatly enjoy. She’s originally from Northern Ireland though now living in Germany, and her website (or her old one at least!) is

    What I’ve always loved about Anna’s work is her attention to detail, her application of words as more than verse, more than the poem itself, every word exists because it needs to. I see in your work a love of place, a willingness to capture the natural and the moment, which is great and is, as Anna once said to me, how she sees poetry as ‘a literary snapshot’, but in capturing that moment, or that picture with the pixellation of words, it’s vital to remember that if the pixels are not where they are meant to be within the frame the result will be an abstraction where there needn’t be one with the right wording. i.e. Why is there a need to over-complicate the meeting with the donkeys?

    I admire you for putting your work out there, and though I am nobody special to give advice I always ask myself; What statement does the poem make, and how will it enunciate itself? When I find the answer to that question, poetry writes itself. But there really isn’t a wrong or right way to write, and as I say, I am nobody’s judge.

    All the best with the launch of the book, I may see you down there, someone told me there’s a slam on the same evening, though that week is pretty packed already for me so we’ll have to wait and see what happens!



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