Irish on Mars

My first Irish lesson

And I am lost for words

Of course how could I

Out of the blue

Know them, never had them

From childhood

In another realm

Red Mars Mission

Confounding vowels

Consonants, script differs

It looks not like it sounds

It sounds soft, warm, earthen,

Alien, a red sun,

Mission Impossible?

1st October 2013

By Andrea Connolly

3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Lovely poem! It’s a very difficult language Andrea….when I went to school we had to answer “Anseo” to the roll call…it means “Here” in Irish… we never spoke Irish at home, so as a four year I was totally confused. I never forgot that word!!


  2. The sound of Irish lured me to go, yet I was not prepared for all the others knowing Irish from childhood, though in a beginners class. It will come back to you, they said. All that came back to my mind were words in my native German dialect, a soft spoken, warm and earthen one. Aye, there´s the rub!


  3. I wouldn’t worry Andrea, there’s people here their whole lives who couldn’t say their names in Irish! Really really lovely poem though! Love the “It looks not like it sounds” part, very true! Well done!


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