Open letter on 1. April 2020

Open letter to all I deeply care for

My dear

All of a sudden we were stopped in our tracks, the ones that we were used to take. We stand on our own now, sometimes wobbly, sometimes strong. Hanging our heads would be giving in to the gravity. And we feel the yoke for a while, still, despite of it been swooped away from us. What are we without our tracks, our habits, our routines, our work, our bodily connections. A stark stillness settles. It could unnerve and perhaps did for some time. All we hear and see was filtered for so long by our rash daily schedules. Planning ahead was thrown overboard in an instant. Running after things was suspended over the abyss of standstill. Shuffled hesitation, ruffled emotions, swirling moods thickened in possible angst. Sheer presence in all its calmness resurfaced from the muddy lake of misconceptions. To be with your nearest in body and mind, to be alone with yourself honed senses for real conversations, observations, thoughts and prayers. We fell back to reading, writing, drawing, gardening, breathing while our spirit wanders the realms of memory and our heart pulls weight into the precious moments when we know once more to be is so much more than to have.
To believe and hope dispels the shadows of fear and suffering. We still have choices. To look out, to see, to listen, to strengthen our heart in spiritual connectedness with our loved ones, the ones that went before us and the ones we accompany. The matter of time dissolves in a smile, a voice, in words, in the beauty around us that lightens heavy hearts. We look up to the stars at night, look for a guide. Faith sails us in stormy seas.

Yours truly

© #AndreaCConnolly

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